The Colour Realm



The Colour Realm


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This beautifully illustrated book is for children of all ages, even parents and grandparents are children at heart which means there is a message for everyone within.

Myra has come of age and it is time to join her mother on her first pilgrimage to The Colour Realm. As the forest sprites fly among the human world, mother and daughter observe how positive and negative emotions affect the colours of people’s auras. Eventually, Myra is drawn to the pure aura of a disabled boy to witness and experience the Brilliance of his soul.

These vibrant illustrations demonstrate to even the youngest reader the power behind their own emotions and actions and guide them to understand that the beauty of a soul can be far greater than the beauty of a physical body.

Author's Notes:

What lies within…
“We are eternal beings connected through our higher self to Our Creator through heart, mind and soul. Our emotional responses, shaped by our thoughts, feelings and actions toward others and ourselves, affect that state of balance, with positive and negative result. By acknowledging and better managing this unseen energy we can raise our connection to the Pure Soul Collective Energy to a purer state.”
© Ceinwen 2006

Author and Illustrator


32pp Paperback 21cm x 26.5cm
(recycled / plantation pulp paper)

Disability / Soul Existence / Aura / Emotions / Brilliance®



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