Love Holds No Mercy



Love Holds No Mercy


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This Card Holds a Pledge of   ComfortHope - Gratitude 

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Love holds no mercy when constricted by grief

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I have asked for your patience.

I have asked for your forgiveness.

I have asked for your trust.

All you have given and all I have forsaken.

I know and understand the grief that constricts
your heart as well as I know I have caused it.

I know you feel the need to walk away more often than
the need to stay, yet you still stand before me, beside
me and hold me in your bruised heart.

I have made mistakes and will continue to make more
as it is the human way, but my need to make amends
to you grows stronger everyday.

So I ask of you once again heed my progress and do
not dwell on the past and I will continue to show you how
much you mean to me by my willingness to change.
Lyrics© Lisa Holmes 2012


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