Live in This Moment (CD)



Live in This Moment (CD)


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This beautifully mastered ethereal melody is a cosmic instruction offering a reunion of souls, whispered through our heart to bring comfort when we are grieving the loss of a loved one, be it from this life existence or one past.

Through Lisa’s guided instruction you can allow yourself to rejoice in the knowledge that you will be together once more, as your journey with them is eternal.

Each time we re-enter life we carry within us the grief created from loss in our previous lives. We draw the same souls who have caused this grief to find closure, but instead we live in the fear of its revival, feeling its emergence as a premonition which further exacerbates the fear.

As we don’t have cognizant memory of a previous life we are left bewildered with no understanding of the soul damage we possess. Feelings and fears that have no logic plague our emotion equilibrium.

This meditation is a soul cleansing modem that can help release soul damage residue built up over centuries of enduring grief and loss.

The Art Transmission on the cover is a depiction of the soul energy that drives this modality. This channeled art defines the soul damage energy of grief and loss through colour,: a visual visceral instrument that complements the channeling. Enjoy!

Content may revive deeply held emotions, suited for an adult audience 

30 Minutes 

Author/ Narrator
Lisa Holmes

ISBN 9780977521333


An Excerpt:

"I have loved you for forever and I declare that I will travel with you through eternity.  Our bond can never be broken even when we do not inhabit the same realm.  Believe that I love you now as much as I ever have, as our soul bond stands absolute.  I am also bereft by my passing, Just know that I am always around you and this will bring peace to our hearts.   All that I have left behind forever binds our souls.  Live in this moment..."




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