Light Warrior



Light Warrior



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This beautifully illustrated book is for children of all ages, even parents and grandparents are children at heart which means there is a message for everyone within.

In this fanciful tale, earth sprite Alwyn weaves us through a magical journey from fear and doubt to strength and power, through self-acceptance and autonomy.

Alwyn is different. He likes to dream that he is a bold warrior; tall, strong and very brave. But kindhearted Alwyn is lonely. The other sprites don’t like him, so he decides to change himself to gain their friendship. He soon discovers that changing his appearance isn’t all he must sacrifice. Is he prepared to compromise the beautiful person within to gain the acceptance of others?

This story addresses bullying at a soul level. Wisdom imparted by an ancient sage instills its reader with a deep sense of self belief, defusing the hurt and harm caused by bullying and rejection, regenerating the readers’ soul to their Brilliance®.

Through this unique style of collage and storytelling and male characters and colours that reflect the theme of the Australian desert landscape, this book appeals to boys and girls alike.

Author's Notes

What lies within…
Within each of us are the Pure Power, Strength, Glory and Love of Our Creator. No one is more worthy or less worthy of this love and light. What separates us from these gifts is our willingness to permit the fears and doubts of others to limit us. Our own fear and doubt accepts the suggestion that we are not worthy, (that we are rejectable), and our soul believes that we do not deserve the gifts that already exist within. This lack of self-acceptance keeps us from achieving our full soul potential.

Our fears and doubts, shaped by our soul damage, create the illusion we call difference. When we reject another soul for their difference, we draw rejection to ourselves. We must learn to accept our differences to release our soul from rejection, and unleash our pure Brilliance within.
© Ceinwen 2007

Author and Illustrator

32pp Paperback 21cm x 26.5cm
(recycled / plantation pulp paper)

Self Acceptance / Bullying / Autonomy / Brilliance®


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