A Prayer to My Soul (CD)



A Prayer to My Soul (CD)


Through life people and circumstances offer us many blessings. Some we recognise straight away and others only when we reminisce, and then only do we take the time to give thanks. We constantly question our feelings, choices and relationships and we logically attempt to arrange them according to our values and beliefs, missing the life lessons that come our way.

Through our differences, we often feel isolated from the ones we love and feel hard done by, only absorbing the negatives. During this process we defer to the greats, wise women and men that have gone before us or seek advice from other earthly counterparts, while our wisdom awaits within. Our soul holds three facets of being; earthly, ethereal and divine, and all available to YOU when you take the time.

Praise raises our energies and gratitude exults it. ‘A Prayer to My Soul’ is a channeled dedication of thanks. A soul cleansing modem that will help release soul damage and bring emotive equilibrium to our day.

This beautifully mastered meditation allows us to start the day in reflection and praise for who we are and all we have to offer. Lisa offers an opportunity to start your day centered and replete. This meditation allows you to rejoice in the gifts you have and the gifts you have to offer others in a world were we function in an indifferent zone.

Content may revive deeply held emotions. Suited for an adult audience

20 Minutes 

Author/ Narrator
Lisa Holmes

ISBN 9780977521326


An Excerpt:

No one knows you as well as I do.

I have loved you from afar, yet have always been by your side.

You always consume my heart.

Eternity holds no bounds and for this gift I am truly grateful.

Not once have I wondered why me or why you shine
your illuminous light to guide me forth.

I rejoice in the blessings that have been adorned upon me through 
the lessons life offers up and for this I give thanks.



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