Songs of Our Heart: a conduit for the recollection of wisdom that our soul renders.

We constantly question our feelings, choices and relationships; we logically attempt to arrange them according to our values and beliefs.

During this process we defer to the greats, wise women and men that have gone before us, renowned in their fields for brilliance and wisdom. We also seek advice from other earthly counterparts, who we feel can advise or even enlighten.

We ultimately stand alone, an isolated morsel of humanity and only we can unlock the secrets that our soul covets. 

Humanity is not connected through physical awareness, hence the feeling of isolation from other souls. This feeling of isolation is caused by the separation of our physical soul presence and our ethereal soul energy, fused with the supreme energy that keeps our existence revolving and evolving. A stasis in which our soul exists as perfection, in a pure state of excellence: Absolute Equilibrium. 

How can we conquer the great divide that separates us from divine wisdom? 

Through the BRILLIANCE® Guided Songs of our Heart collection you will be facilitated in an interactive meditative stasis to initiate a reconnection of soul and intimate reunion between the physical and ethereal versions of you for release and reunion between the self and others.



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