Marie Henson-Lowery


Author / Colour Practitioner & Therapist

Marie Henson – Lowery is an accomplished Level 3 Aura Soma® System of Colour and Consciousness Practitioner who specialises in Colour Therapy as a treatment modality, holding sacred space in therapy sessions at her practice ‘Colourful Soul Connections’ that heal, nurture and enlighten Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

The synthesis of her journey of personal transformation is portrayed in her book Through My Eyes, and reflects upon Marie's awakening to a new beginning for life and love. Her collection of personal and channeled works inspired by her sentient exploration of self in the rugged outback of Australia in 2000 shares her process of enfoldment, each precious experience delivering her closer to divine union with soul and ultimately, God of creation.

'Inspired by the beauty and soul of nature’s colours and the Australian outback', Marie writes with a gracious honesty intended to lighten the hearts of her readers as they walk their own unique journey on this beautiful Earth.

"When we seek unconditional love the true search begins
within our own temple, our own being." 





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