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RELEASING MY BRILLIANCE® Publishing and Distribution seeks to foster those who pursue enlightenment of self, others and our planet through their own innate brilliance.
A division of My Brilliance Pty Ltd, RELEASING MY BRILLIANCE® is dedicated to releasing the expression of brilliance in individuals dedicated to the path of personal and Interpersonal regeneration and reunion, catapulting our sentient authors and artists into the lives of likened souls through the wisdom their product holds.
Those within the RELEASING MY BRILLIANCE® Publishing and Distribution team are committed to delivering products and services with integrity and our community of contributing authors and artists uphold this same standard:
"Aspiring to inspire awe, admiration or wonder.”
BRILLIANCE® exclusively publishes and distributes products and programs that teach, demonstrate, or convey the BRILLIANCE®Ordinance and/or the MY BRILLIANCE® Principle, intellectual property, brought forth through our creative directors, Lisa Holmes and Ceinwen Schneider, in print, audio, digital, electronic and multi media formats.
BRILLIANCE PUBLISHING is operated by a team of dedicated Asqalicists who are committed to the vision of making the BRILLIANCE® and MY BRILLIANCE® concepts and systems globally recognised products that integrate and assimilate without bias into any existing commercial, educational, social, cultural and faith system. Honouring our eternal obligation and commitment to regenerate to our ultimate progressive state of:
Absolute Equal Acceptance through Thought, Conscience and Reunion'.
BRILLIANCE Children® publishes products and programs that educate and stimulate our young to activate their brilliance, motivating them to recognise their own value and their value to others, empowering the self to engage with life unencumbered by the demotivating negative emotive restrictions that life encountered does impose.
'It starts with the young.


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