Ceinwen Schneider



Ceinwen Schneider


Aspiring to:
'Self Awareness through Community'

Allowing ourselves and others to see past despair, by aiding as a collective cluster, the realisation of one's individual potential through a loving and lenient attitude for others through self, and by encouraging self-development, manifested by opportunities by devoted effort.

Ceinwen is the Co-founder of My Brilliance Pty Ltd, and Managing Director and Chief Design Editor for the BRILLIANCE® Services Group. Ceinwen is an accomplished Author/ Illustrator of children's books both in text and audio. She has also developed Emotion Life Maps a chanelled sensory emotion healing tool and is the revolutionary pioneer of Emotive Congressional Art.

Ceinwen devotes her working and personal life to spreading and living the MY BRILLIANCE® Principle concepts channeled through Lisa Holmes, which enables her to aspire to her soul promise this life existence to assist Community to see past despair.





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