BRILLIANCE® Pledge Cards

The BRILLIANCE® Pledge Gift Card Collection is a unique opportunity to find emotional resolution through reunion of self, others and our planet.

A pledge card is an opportunity for change. When sent with an accepting and loving heart, without expectation that the recipient must be ready and willing to receive it, it is an open invitation for emotive solidarity.

Our pledge cards display an image or photograph infused with an emotive element which is divinely transcribed to illuminate the emotive sentiment it resonates. When viewing or holding our cards, the emotion held within resonates with the same exact emotive element you hold within. Every memory captures an emotion, be it one we wish to celebrate or one that evokes regret.

The BRILLIANCE® Pledge Collection offer the giver and receiver an opportunity for emotive reunion. Your choice of card is an opportunity for change, for you and for the one that receives it.

Every photonic image holds an emotive energy source, individual to the study, be it of the earth or of the human soul.
Fears and Phobias
If I feel it - it is Mine®
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